Looking Out My Back Window #13

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Cool roll of fog out there this morning. Read something about “midlife crisis” in a magazine the other day. Made me realize that my whole life might be a midlife crisis. I’m always questioning everything and second guessing myself. Sometimes it’s really hard to get a handle on the conversations that go on inside my head. We all have conversations going on in our heads every day (at least I think we all do, otherwise maybe I’m in more trouble than I realize). What does that imply? It implies that there are at least three different people inside our heads at all times. Two of them are having a conversation and one is watching the conversation take place. The quality of our lives is often determined by the decisions we make after watching the two people inside our head talk through the situation. It’s not always easy to see which is the better way to go. The part of us that watches… that’s where all the power lies. The “watcher” chooses and makes the final decision. The decisions that are made create our destinies via habits, attitudes and beliefs. When we hit auto pilot we’re often letting yesterday’s decisions become today’s realities. Periodically get in touch with the part of you that watches. Prayer and meditation are the most common ways to do this. Decision making becomes easier once you have a better knowledge of what’s important to you, and what’s important to you now is probably a lot different than what was important to you years ago. But we so often let yesterday’s decisions become today’s realities. Everything is possible, but only if we believe it to be and have the internal fortitude to make changes as necessary when we feel a strong pull in a direction that serves us. Which direction serves us? Which part of the conversation is going to lead us to a brighter future, which part will lead us astray?… ah, not always easy to decipher that. It’s been a recurring theme for me lately, I know. Because I’m working on it myself. Get in touch with God, or Love, or whatever you know to be the source of happiness and goodness in your life. Know what your values are. Know what’s important to you. Make decisions from that place. Your future depends on it. As the character Kramer once said on Seinfeld: “What does the little man inside you say?”…

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