Looking Out My Back Window #166

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Daylight savings hasn’t ended yet and I’m already getting up before the sun. Quite a change from where I was at years ago when I’m pretty sure I routinely slept until 11am or noon. Sometimes even later. When I was a full time musician, I tended to stay up late every night, wake up late every morning. Now I’m often in bed around the time we’d normally be starting to play a show. Then there was the drive home after the show, which meant sometimes getting home after 4am. These days I’m getting up around the time I used to get home. Everything is always changing. Getting from there to here was a gradual process, but my life is that much different now. My sleep/wake schedule isn’t something I consciously sought to change, but over the years it has changed significantly. Everything is always changing. The person you are now isn’t exactly the same person you were when you started reading this. Knowing that everything in the universe is always in motion, and that years from now we will be something quite different than what we are now, if we’re still alive – we can change the things in our lives that no longer serve us. We’re going to change whether we want to or not. We can realize this, and think about where we’d like to be, who we’d like to be with, what we want to look like, to be like, and/or to accomplish, and set a plan to achieve it – or we can just go about our days with vague thoughts about getting in shape, writing a book, starting a business, learning an instrument, revisiting an activity from our past that we loved but got away from, etc… and then what are the chances we’ll be much further along than we are now in five or ten years? We simply do not have the time to not take the time to think about time. And design our lives so the time we have we use wisely. There is really so very little of it. Changes will come to us whether we want them or not, too. Pet owners know the pain of losing a companion animal. Most of us have lost people close to us as well – everybody dies. People get hurt. Accidents happen. Businesses close. Jobs we thought we’d always have disappear. Everything is always changing. What changes would you like to see in your life? What could you do today to start the process? Today. Right now. What could you do? If not now, when? You’re going to change. Will you change for the better? Will you be happier and more productive in five or ten years if you think about it and set a plan in motion or if you don’t? Because having no plan is still a plan. But it’s usually a plan destined for failure. Present moments count. Every single one of them. Live with this knowledge, be thankful for what you’ve been given, and use the moments you do have wisely. Spend time with the people you love. Be aware of how today’s actions affect the future. Design your future the way you want to see it, then move forward in that direction. Small daily steps will move a mountain over time. A plan of action can move the mountain of your life where you want it to go, because you’re going to move anyway. Will you move in the direction of your dreams?…

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