Looking Out My Back Window #167

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I’ve been thinking this weekend about how the effects of everything we do eventually touches everyone on the planet. Got to thinking about it mainly because of the Coronavirus. The generally accepted version is that it started with one person in Wuhan, China. One person. That person came in contact with other people who caught it from them and then started spreading to the people they were in contact with, and it grew exponentially. And now, even here in Dodge County, WI – I’ve heard there have been nine deaths. It took only a few months to travel the entire world. Isn’t it that way it happens with everything we do? Let’s say you’re having a great day, everything going fine and you have a negative encounter with someone else. Don’t you take that on after that? Doesn’t it affect the rest of your day? Maybe you snap at the next person you meet, taking out your frustrations on them. So, they now take it out into their space and eventually?… it reaches everyone. One mean, hateful encounter can spread that fast – but so can a loving one. So, why are we so quick to cast a critical eye on everyone and everything? Have you ever just brightened someone’s day by doing something nice or unexpected for them? Don’t they then take that attitude forward into the rest of their day as well? That can and does also affect us all eventually, too. Seems like there’s so much anger these days. Maybe it was always there, and social media just makes it’s spread that much easier and quicker. But love can also move through us just as quickly. The choice is ours. Everything we do affects us all. Before you send that nasty gram, or respond in anger, take a second and think about what you’re doing. It’s not always so easy to do, because – well, what we think, say and do expands. So, when we are confronted, when someone gets in our face, when we see or hear something we vehemently disagree with – we want to fight back, and often respond in anger before we even know what we’re doing. And therein lies the problem. Anger begets anger begets hatred and violence. Finding a way to get through life expanding love and goodwill without allowing ourselves to be stepped on – can be tricky. But the world today has plenty of anger and hatred. Start looking for ways to shine a light into the darkness. Make it a part of your routine. Every day, what if all of us just started doing something nice for just one other person? It doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture. Bring a treat to work, send flowers, call an old friend, just one nice thing a day. Each gesture will reach us all. Wow, what that would/could do for the world would be incredible. One small act, repeated. Faith in mankind restored. It’s up to us to move that needle in the right direction 🙂

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