Looking Out My Back Window #185

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A different shot from earlier this morning today and through our patio window instead of the usual view. But still looking out my back window. I love the mornings. Peaceful. Quiet. As I often do, I’ve been thinking a lot about the two different sides of our psyche – our egos and further within what I’ll call our souls. The ego is the voice that narrates our lives. The soul is further back, the spiritual part of our being. The soul can control the ego, but the ego is strong and can and does take over when left to run astray. The ego is all about cravings. Cravings for food, water, alcohol, drugs, attention, acknowledgement, respect, material goods, better job, more money, new car – cravings. The more we allow our egos to fill our thoughts with cravings, the less peaceful we’ll be. And there’s always something to crave. Cravings can become obsessions. I want that. Obsessions don’t come with an end date, even when they’re seemingly fulfilled. And so often we fill our days obsessed about the things we crave. Mothers want their children to be safe. Alcoholics want a drink. Car guys want the next cool vehicle, musicians want the next great instrument, gamblers want the next big win… at work we want acknowledgement and respect… so many things we crave. What if we didn’t crave anything? Do you think God craves? Why would God crave anything? Are we really separate from Him? We are if we think we are. Wouldn’t we live happier lives if we just were good with everything we have and went about our days without any cravings and obsessions? It’s not so easy to do. First, you have to recognize it within yourself. Then, you have to want to change. And in a world that wants everything instantly you’ll find that changing your thoughts, your cravings, your obsessions… takes time. I don’t know how we could ever fully remove all cravings, but we can learn to be happy with what we have, be grateful for where we’re at in life, and change the thoughts that take us away from attaining inner peace. Most of them have craving something at the root. What do you crave? Where are your obsessions? Are they creating more havoc than peace in your life?… maybe it’s time to spend more time with your soul in meditation and prayer. God doesn’t crave anything, and he’s always available if you seek Him.

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