Looking Out My Back Window #199

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Mother’s Day. This will be my 4th year of doing a “looking out my back window” post on Mother’s Day. One of my prior posts was one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done (LOMBW #46). Every year since when it gets to the Mother’s Day posts I come into it with an odd feeling of trepidation. Like, how can I possibly live up to that one fantastic post I did however many years ago’s legacy? And isn’t this how our minds work? Somewhere in there we remember everything. And certain things – like the fact one of my most popular posts ever came on Mother’s Day – get lodged in there and come out to mess with us when the time comes to do so. And that memory affects our present moments. Don’t all memories affect our present moments in some way? Basically, we see the world the way we do because of our thoughts about who we are, what life is, what we’re capable of – based on memories of past experiences. My mother died years ago. All I have of her and my father now are memories. They fade as the years go by. My childhood memories aren’t so clear anymore. What was day to day life with mom and dad like in the 60s? I really don’t remember. I know where we lived, who my friends were, where I went to school, etc… but what was our routine? How did we interact? I don’t know. I really can’t remember. I remember my mom, though, and her influence on me. I often see how she passed on some of her quirkiness to my sister as well when I recognize myself in her actions to this day and think “we got that from mom”. We all get something from mom, and grand mom too I guess. For over fourteen years now I’ve been watching my wife in her role as a grandmother, and she is without a doubt the most shining example of what being a mother/grandmother is and should be. Unconditional love. Caring but firm. Patience. She just beams when she’s with her kids and grandkids. It is her happy place. It’s obvious. Not that there aren’t bumps along the way, but those kids mean everything to her. And she does everything she can to see them, talk to them, guide them, and love them every day. Every single day. We have some incredible memories built with the kids. Her influence will be felt in the family for generations after she’s gone. I hope you have a relationship with your mother and/or grandmother like that. Not everyone is so lucky. But today we remember and honor the mother’s in our lives, for there is no we without them. What a special role to be given in life 🙂

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