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I love today’s picture. Basically it’s the same view I’ve been posting weekly for almost four years now, but it’s not. No two photos are exactly the same. But today… I don’t know why, but after I took it I stopped and spent some time looking at it. So much going on there. The guard chicken and the tree in the upper left corner. All the different stuff Laurie has hanging from the windows… the swing on the lower left… dandelions all over the back yard. The indoor plant, the Packer gnome… I love this view. I get to look at it every day, too. Today, looking at the photo after I took it it kinda struck me how it’s a bit of an analogy for life, too. We get so caught up in things we have going on – work, family, hobbies, responsibilities… that sometimes we forget to step back and see the beauty in how it’s all put together. How much control do we really have here? I know personally when there’s an issue in any one area – be it work, family, or something else – that issue can affect everything. It’s like my mind gloms onto whatever the issue is and can’t get off it until I’ve met the resolution. And the resolution isn’t always forthcoming, either. It’s like looking at this photo and only seeing the dandelions and getting upset by that. Man, I gotta get those mowed. And instead of seeing the totality of beauty surrounding the whole photo – you miss out by focusing on the one thing that bothers you (to be clear – the dandelions don’t bother me at all, I’m just making a point here). I know for me, if something is bothering me, I do lose site of the beauty surrounding every moment. But looking out the window today I felt none of that. Just peace, and love, and gratitude. Look at how awesome this photo is. Look at how awesome your life is. Really, the one thing we can control is our attitude. Sometimes it helps to step back and see the whole picture 🙂

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