Looking Out My Back Window #207

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Do you have anyone in your life who seems to be happy all the time? I think we all know somebody like that. They just always have a great vibe. I’m thinking of a few people I know like that as I write. Even if there’s something terrible going on in their lives, they remain upbeat and positive. I love people like that. Sometimes I wonder if they go home and just break down under the weight of the positive exterior, of if they’re just naturally gifted that way. I have periods where everything is just going great and I’ll get a glimpse of what that might feel like. Where it just seems like no matter what’s going on inside, I’m good. I doubt that anyone who knows me personally would describe me as a “happy all the time” person, though. My emotions show where I’m at, and I’m often stressed and anxious and in a hurry and frustrated or distracted… ugh. Thinking back to 2018, when I finally decided to take time off, hole myself up in the woods in Florida and write Feed Your Angel… by the end of that three week respite, I was as close to being that “happy all the time” person as I’ve ever been. Many people mentioned the change in my personality that occurred in that short period of time. I totally felt it. It lingered for a while after I got back, but eventually went away. What was different? I was still running my business from afar. But no real “schedule” to follow. I ran, did yoga and meditated regularly. I lost weight and felt great physically. But – the real change was internal. I was able to slow the thought stream that narrates my life down. And, wow – if you ever got a glimpse of the thought stream that narrates my life, well… that is one hyperactive cyclone of thoughts that swirl around in there. So many things to do, so little time leads to never getting a full appreciation of the present moment and never having the ability to be that “always happy person” to yourself, your friends and your family. Thoreau believed that to live life to it’s fullest, people needed to simplify. Maybe saying “yes” to every opportunity that comes along isn’t really the path to happiness. Perhaps happiness is stolen in moments of simplicity. Which is why we all need to step back, take vacations, and maybe say “no” once in a while. Less possessions, less clutter, less activities = less hyperactive thought cyclones narrating our lives? It’s maybe why you can visually see the difference in so many people once they retire. So much weight lifted, and so much more time to let their light shine. I applaud those of you I see as “happy all the time” people, even if behind the scenes you’re a mess that l don’t know about. You give me hope. This long holiday weekend is coming at a good time for me. Trying to maybe check a few things off my “to-do” list, but at the right pace – and realizing that sometimes it’s the days away from the grind that make the daily routine happy and fun again. Ever watch “Ren & Stimpy”? Stimpy is the classic “happy all the time” guy. I mostly see myself as “Ren”, though 🙂

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