Looking Out My Back Window #222

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Nice looking day out there today, but it’s starting to get cold in Wisconsin. This week I’ve had a couple things on my mind – one is all about things that come up in daily life that don’t get talked about a lot but we’ve all had an experience with at some point – which also led me to wonder if other people have similar conversations within their head that I do when faced with unusual circumstances. Case in point: there’s a huge spider that built a web right next to our downstairs toilet. He (or she) is humongous. I noticed this a couple days ago. Now, a normal human would probably just kill it and get rid of the web right away, but for whatever reason I left it alone. I won’t sit on that particular toilet right now, though… kinda freaks me out. So now, you know – it’s been there for a couple days. If I kill it, well geez – I kinda know the guy. I don’t wanna kill it. I’d like to get him out of the bathroom, though. So – transporting him out without an injury to either of us might not be possible. I’d probably break at least of of his legs and instead of just killing and flushing him I’d be torturing him until he either died a slow agonizing death or got eaten by a bird or something (do birds eat spiders?)… so I just leave him there. But he’s totally freaking me out. Ugh. Anyway – these are the kinds of random things that fill my thoughts up on any given day. Can you relate to that? Ever catch yourself thinking, “I wonder if anyone else in the world would have this issue?”… then there’s the stuff we all know about but just don’t discuss. I heard the expression “flick a booger” the other day and it got me thinking – everyone knows what that means, right? So, has everyone on earth flicked a booger? For crying out loud, that’s disgusting! And I’m not even gonna follow up on where that led… all the other things that we have experienced but thankfully have decided not to include in normal daily conversation. Wow. How much time is spent on thoughts like that? The other thing on my mind this week has been how much negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are spewed at us in any given day, and how resilient we have to be to stay positive in the midst of it all. Social media is a plethora of negativity. News? Fear sells. I’m amazed and awed by the people who are able to just really project good vibes, always. You know someone like that, right? No matter what, they’re able to keep their mind right and move forward. You need people like that in your life, when life is beating us down and we start to get anxious, worried and depressed, having that person or people in your life that you can call can really get your head back in the game and help you get a different perspective on things. And in someone else’s life, you might just be that person. How does that feel? When you know someone needs to see or call you just to get good vibes?… My guess is mothers get this a lot… and also fathers, grandparents, friends, coworkers… we need a network of people to lift us up, and when called upon we need to be that network for others as well. So, when your friend calls you anxious and worried about the spider next to his toilet – be prepared. Life is a crazy thing. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Why is everyone so angry?… all we can do is enjoy the ride, and help others along the way the best we can. And in the meantime, wonder if anyone else has these crazy thoughts along the way…

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