Looking Out My Back Window #250

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Kinda grey out there again today. Weird how the outdoor color can affect the indoor color sometimes. I’d feel totally different if it was sunny and beautiful outside. Those of us in Wisconsin have certainly seen our share of grey days so far this spring. Too many in a row can be somewhat depressing. I’m ready for another beautiful sunny day. I’ll certainly appreciate it when we get one. Sometimes I wonder when we’re on a vacation somewhere that has a beach, sun, warm weather… what it might be like to just live there. People do live there year round basically anywhere you go on vacation. Would it just become “normal” then? And maybe be taken for granted a bit? As crazy as it sounds, would you miss the change in seasons? I have briefly lived in both Hawaii and Florida when I was younger. But only for about three months each time, back when I was playing in bands full time. That was the length of the gigs. I don’t remember ever getting sick of beautiful weather. Probably not enough time to start taking it for granted. At any rate, it’s grey here today. Seems odd to me that the weather would affect your mood at all. Must have something to do with the physical aspect of it, because thought in and of itself shouldn’t really change with the weather, right? But sometimes it does. So todays post seems disjointed and rambling to me. Heck, maybe they’re all that way. But my mind is grey today. And I’m ok with that. There are sunny days ahead and when they come I’ll have a greater appreciation for them by having gone through the grey days before. For everything there is a season 🙂

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