Looking Out My Back Window #251

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Happy Mother’s Day! I find myself thinking about perspective a lot lately. We all have our own unique thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. It’s amazing to me that in all of time, with all the people who have come and gone and exist today – every single person is and/or was their own individual physical body and mind. So why do we get so caught up trying to mold people to what we believe? Have you ever had a strong conviction that you were right about something and really fought hard and argued about it only to think years later you might not have had it right at all? Our own perspectives can change over time with more life experience as well. On Sunday’s I usually take a photo through the back window of wherever we are and use it as the background for my weekly blog post. It’s one way to view where I am. But if I lived my life thinking the entire world was based on just that view, I’d be missing a lot. There’s a view from the front of the house, too. There are houses all over the place, in my city, county, state, country and world. There are other planets and galaxies in the universe, too – which consists of billions of galaxies. So.. there are billions of people on earth, including you. Earth is a planet in one galaxy (the Milky Way). The Milky Way isn’t even the biggest galaxy – and there are billions of galaxies in the Universe. Why do we think it is so important to be right all the time? It isn’t. It’s much more important to be loving and kind. We are a speck on a dot of a planet that is within one of billions of galaxies. There are many ways to approach life, politics, and religion. There will always be people who don’t see things your way. It’s your choice whether you want that to upset you or not. I walked outside to take today’s photo from a different perspective. We can all try to do that a bit more often – think outside our boxes. Be more understanding and patient. Not everyone grew up with a great mother, but for those of us who grew up in a household with a loving mother – who was the first person you’d seek when you couldn’t talk to anyone else about what was going on in your life? Your mother, right? Why?… it didn’t matter what was going on, or how badly you screwed up, mom would give you unconditional love and understanding. We would be wise to learn from that in our interactions with each other 🙂

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