Looking Out My Back Window #252

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Everything is amazing to me. Everything. Every moment. Incredible. How did I get here? How did this planet get here? What is life? Why do we have so much anger and hatred in the world? Why is there suffering? If we are truly spiritual beings inhabiting a body, how is it that the body can affect our minds?… that’s a tough one. Many people will suffer from some form of dementia at the end of their lives. A brain injury can certainly affect our minds as well. We’ve probably all seen our share of both. “He was never the same after the accident”… but why? How is it that the essence of who we are can be affected by this body we inhabit for such a small period of time? Or can it? Does this have more to do with the mind/body connection and nothing to do with who we really are, which is neither of those. We are the soul behind the mind and body. The body is our vehicle. The mind is our super computer. We’re all issued one of each when we’re born. But really – who we are isn’t either of those. The mind and body we get will affect our experience while we’re here, though… Incredible. Every moment is incredible. So, with the body as our vehicle – let’s equate that to a car – and the mind as our super computer – so inside the car we’re issued we have a super computer that can access all our memories and life experiences – we head into the world to explore. And we have an accident. The car is badly damaged and now the computer doesn’t work right either. Are we – the being who was issued these devices – really changed at all? No. But our experiences within this world will be. If we need to communicate to others via the super computer and travel with the vehicle we’re given and they are damaged, or maybe weren’t quite put together properly in the first place – our experiences will change. But the essence of who we are – we are but drops in the ocean of God – our souls… does not and will not change. All we can do is accept what we’re given and do the best that we can to be the best person we can be. It often won’t seem fair. But when we approach every moment with surrender, acceptance and gratitude… we’ll lead our best lives. Because everything is amazing. Every moment is amazing. Every thing is incredible. And when you look at life that way that’s what you’ll see, no matter what your circumstances.

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