Looking Out My Back Window #253

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Gorgeous day today. There’s a place inside all of us where everything is calm. It’s where our soul resides. That place within us is often associated with the heart. When our heart goes out to someone it’s because we empathize with their situation – our souls are touched. When a piece of art or music touches our heart – it resonates deep within our soul. The soul is never affected by anything we do, say or hear on earth. It’s calm and ageless. The more time we spend in touch with our souls, the better we’ll be at navigating life’s ups and downs without letting whatever is going on affect our inner peace. Most of us tend not to go there very often, and almost everyone is living life in their heads – the domain of our minds. The mind is never calm, there’s always something going on. Thoughts never stop, even when we sleep we dream – the mind is always active. And the mind can be easily upset. We get angry and sad and jealous and worried and anxious and depressed and happy and obsessed and lustful – and every other human emotion – inside our minds. In the meantime our souls sit back calmly watching everything unfold. We hear a lot about leading a balanced life – most often in regard who work/life balance I guess – but what about head/heart balance? That one doesn’t get much attention. And of course – all of this is going on within our bodies. How we treat ourselves physically can also affect everything going on between our heads and hearts as well. So we have this trifecta. All phases need our attention. We need to do what we can to stay physically healthy. We need to keep our minds healthy as well. And we need to be in touch with our hearts – our souls – the calm ageless part of our beings. For whatever reason the soul is where the vast majority of us spend the least amount of our time. Jesus said “The kingdom of God is within you”. Which part do you think he was talking about? And yet, we so seldom visit. When we do try to visit, what happens? We sit down to pray or meditate and – our minds just keep going. We try to see what’s in our heart, where our souls are at, but we’ve got minds that will start chattering away as soon as we try to settle down. Have you ever tried anything that needs focus and balance? The “tree” pose in yoga perhaps. When you are clear and focused on the task at hand it comes easily. But on other days the mind is four steps ahead of you and/or thinking about past history and clouding your brain making it very hard to keep your balance. The more we get in touch with our souls, the easier it is to see their guidance in our lives. Where do you think “intuition” comes from? Our hearts, our souls. When our head is telling us this sounds like a good deal, but inside we’re not feeling it – something doesn’t seem right – the reason why we have the saying “go with your gut” is because intuition is pretty much always correct. And the more in touch you are with your heart the easier it will be to see and feel it’s guidance. Spend some time getting to know your heart today. Listen to some music that moves you. Spend some time in nature if that’s your thing. Meditate. Do some yoga. Run. Whatever it is that gets you in touch with your soul, do that a little bit every day. And surrender to every moment you get because they’re all awesome, even when our minds are sure they aren’t.

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