Looking Out My Back Window #264

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You ever notice how different mirrors can be? I love it when I find a “skinny” mirror. Not sure why there are mirrors that make you look thinner, is it the angle? Is it the mirror itself? I have no idea. They can work the other way, too. Some mirrors seem to add extra pounds, which might be preferable if you’re looking to bulk up I guess. But where is reality? Do you ever get reality in the reflections you see from any mirror? Do you really ever get reality from the reflections sent back to you from anything? No matter who you are, what you do, or how you live your life, you have to interact with others. Some people will love you and support you no matter what you do. They are your “skinny mirror” people. When you’re down, these are the friends and family you reach out to, because they will reflect everything that’s awesome in your life back at you. I think I have more “skinny mirror” people in my life right now than ever before. But life wouldn’t be life without meeting people who, for whatever reason, won’t like you, won’t like what you do or how you do it, or something you did – and they will reflect back to you a quite different series of emotions. Just because you look in a mirror that makes you look ten pounds heavier doesn’t mean you are. And just because someone is reflecting their negative thoughts and attitudes back at you doesn’t mean you have to take that on, either. Because reality can’t been seen in our reflections. We each have our own unique way of looking at the world and living our lives. We create our own reality. When we’re centered and at peace within our souls, the heavy mirror people don’t have much of an effect on us. And we are all reflecting our own thoughts and beliefs back to everyone we meet as well. What type of mirror are you? Do people leave feeling better about themselves after seeing you, or no? It depends on the situation, of course. The older I get, the more focused I am on reflecting everything that is good back to the people in my life. You’re all awesome. You’re all unique. Even if something you did made me angry – who’s issue is that? I’m the one who got angry. Just shows me I might not be at peace within my soul as I need to be. Relish your “skinny mirror” people today. Maybe call or text them, let them know how awesome they are. One thing about skinny mirrors – for most of us, anyway – you walk away feeling good. And that feeling will get passed on to others. Reflect the best back to life today, and you’ll see more of it come back to you as well.

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