Looking Out My Back Window #341

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I’ve been thinking a lot this week about special moments in time. We watched the movie “Bank of Dave” this week, and there’s a scene where a man kind of realizes he loves the woman he’s with. To me, they did it really well and I totally felt the moment. That moment when you look at each other, or the person you’re with and you realize — I love her/him. I hope you know the feeling I’m talking about. It doesn’t last very long, but it’s just such a cool, overwhelming feeling. When everything is going right in your life, and you are overcome with gratitude — that’s another one. That happens to my wife and I all the time. I think we’ve been together enough to know it and see it in each other. I hope you also have moments like this in your life. These are the best frozen moments I can think of, but there are certainly others that aren’t so happy or joyful as well. The night I got the call that my father passed away. The day I got the call to get to the nursing home asap, my mother was going to die soon. Frozen moments. I can still feel those emotions as well when I look back on them. The day my counselor helped me realize I was an alcoholic and needed treatment. Another one. I think we can all look back on our lives and see a series of defining moments that stick out for us. Both good and bad. Crazy to me that I’ve been alive for over 64 years and see and remember so few of them. Pretty sure there’s really no way to add more positive special moments to your life other than truly being grateful for life itself, and getting in touch with love — for yourself, your family and everyone you meet. The more we live in a loving and grateful manner, the more we’ll be overcome with love and gratitude. There are altogether too many people filled with hatred and anger in this world. I’ve been overcome with those emotions before, too — it’s nothing I care to feel again. Every second we have is a gift. We really get so few of them. Let love overwhelm you today. Be grateful. And when you get one of those times when you are struck by a special moment, bask in it as long as you can. We are closest to God in those times. What if we could find a way to just live from there, always?… all we can do is all we can do… so do all you can. Love all you can. Give everything you can, always. We have one life, why live it at anything less than 100%?… I’m very grateful today for everyone who reads and responds to these posts, every Sunday, for over six years now. It’s my hope that in some small way I’ve gotten you to come with me — as I try to figure out how to be the best person I can be, and maybe had a positive impact on your life. And I greatly appreciate having a few others along for the ride. You’re all awesome. Much love today. Much gratitude ❤️