Looking Out My Back Window #350

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We’re back in Wisconsin, but as you might have noticed, I’m writing from a different room today. This is the view from the music room. The music room has been an option for me the entire time I’ve been writing these posts – going on seven years now. I’ve just never used it until today. Doesn’t really feel comfortable to me at all, I’d rather be in my sauna box in the living room where I usually sit. I know that box. I know that view. I feel comfortable and confident there. This?… it’s like only maybe 100 feet away I guess, but it’s worlds apart. And that’s an analogy for life, really – isn’t it? We fall into the things we know, the people we know, the places we go, the things that we do… the opinions we have. And we rerun our days over and over, maybe changing up the sequence a bit, but – how often do we really try new things? How often to we try to look at people from a different perspective? What happens when everything we’re comfortable with gets taken away? When someone close to us passes away? When we lose our belongings in a fire, a hurricane, or some other natural disaster? When we lose our job, or our relationship in an unexpected way?… we’re forced to deal with change. And change can be very disorienting. There’s that whole period where you’re kind of in “limbo”. It’s hard to find any solid ground at all. The future is all of a sudden not what you had planned, and you haven’t settled into a new routine yet. I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys changes like that, they’re extremely uncomfortable. And because of that, we sometimes program ourselves to avoid any changes at all. Changes get equated with pain. It’s so much easier to stick with what we know than to try anything new and take a chance. But really – aren’t the greatest gains in life achieved by taking chances? You want to go out with someone, you have to take a chance. You want that job, you have to take a chance. You want to live somewhere else, you have to take a chance. And sometimes it’s nice to just take a chance on something small every now and then, too. Try that food. Take a new route. Go to a new restaurant. Meet up with someone you don’t usually hang out with. The more comfortable we get with trying new things, and letting life sometimes guide us in new directions, the better equipped we’ll be if and when we ever have to deal with something major. New things can be scary, but also exciting. They can turn out incredibly great, or be a complete disaster. Life is changing every moment we live. Is there anything you’ve been curious about but haven’t gone forward with yet?… why not? Take that shot while you can. Get to know all the angles you can. So many people, so many places, so many things to do… there’s nothing wrong with routine – anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a fan – but I also love taking a shot at something new every now and then, too. Like going to Las Vegas last week, for example. Not exactly our wheelhouse. But really glad we did it. Some of it was great, some was so-so, but we now have that experience in our lives as we more forward. Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

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