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Interesting day to try to write the weekly blog. It’s louder than usual here, with the grandkids having slept over and making a lot of noise upstairs. Doesn’t help me focus. And, those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook know that we’ve had a small issue with trying to get our internet up and running that has now hit its 24th day without resolution. For someone like me who is “slightly” obsessive-compulsive, those little aggravations can really stick in the back of my mind, and until they get resolved they’re just always there, lurking, creating unease. And, like I always do, I look at life’s little aggravations and try to see why it’s happening, and what it has to teach me. Is it there to get me to try to be kind even in circumstances where anger is certainly the dominant emotion? Or, is it to get me to see that letting that anger flow freely is sometimes really what’s needed? I don’t really know. And perhaps that’s why it’s happening, and might continue to happen – to help me figure it out. I posted something about God the other day and was somewhat surprised when the thread took a rather unexpected turn from people who didn’t believe in God, or posted anti-Christian rhetoric (even though the post wasn’t specifically Christian). So I deleted the entire thread. I’m not really interested much is debating who or what God is, as I think there’s as many different concepts of that as there is people in the world. It’s very personal. I know what my beliefs are, and I don’t really care if you don’t see it exactly the way I do. But, when I saw those posts, my initial reaction was anger. Even though at least one of them asked what I do believe was a valid question. I used to get so caught up in political and religious arguments (I was an agnostic for many years), and for a long time now I’ve decided to avoid it. Don’t need the aggravation. But to live at all means there will be things that don’t go our way, that will stir anger and even hatred in our hearts. My Facebook feed is full of it. It’s so easy to get caught up in. I do think there are times when anger is justified, maybe even necessary, but I’m also always wondering if that is really so, or if the reason I have these frustrations in life is actually to see that – no. No, if you truly can center yourself with God, and live from the part of you that knows unconditional love, then anger won’t really be an option. Which reminds me of this Wayne Dyer quote, “When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. What do people get when they squeeze you?”… hopefully, my musician friends can lay off with the snarky comments on that little lay up I just gave you, but you get the point – what emotion is closest to the surface? Anger? Is that the point of life? To get pissed off at every little thing? I doubt it. If anything, I think it has more to do with learning to love and living life being grateful for the opportunities were given. That’s not as easy as it sounds.

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