Looking Out My Back Window #9

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Today’s view. I’m working on redesigning and consolidating my websites, which is a huge undertaking. Once that’s done these weekly posts will probably be done on the blog at davidgeschke.com – no ETA on when that’ll be, though. So, today I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness. Because I don’t feel like I’ve been anywhere near as happy as I normally am or feel I “should” be for a while now. There’s many reasons for that, a lot of pressure at work is probably the main one. I really love what I do (I’m a financial advisor), we help people in our community every single day. We become a part of people’s lives. We help clients through death of a loved one, divorce, children and college, estate planning, life insurance, investments… and I take that responsibility very seriously. We deal with hundreds and hundreds of people and tens of millions of dollars… it’s hard for me not to carry that with me always. I’ve always spent an inordinate amount of time making sure I’m doing what’s right for the client in every situation I’m presented with. Due to circumstances beyond our control that I can’t really get into here the landscape has become more difficult to deal with. But I’m learning a lot about myself in the process, because each of us needs to stand in our own integrity. And therein can lie some frustration. Have you ever been in a situation where you saw other people cutting corners, doing some small things maybe not quite above board, but you know – everyone does it… and you were faced with the decision to stick with what you know is the right thing to do, or go with the crowd?… don’t go with the crowd. Stand tall in integrity. Others may pass you by, but there is no payoff at the expense of going against your internal compass. I want to be clear here – this isn’t what I’m dealing with at all. Nothing unethical going on, just a situation where doing what I believe to be right isn’t good for me and in the meantime I’m watching others pass me by… and my competitive nature hates that. It feels deflating. It’s almost always on my mind. And, whose fault is that? Mine. I let it bother me. That ends today. I’ve talked before about ebbs & flows in life. It happens in almost every area, including emotions. And when we have periods where something ebbs – emotions, money, relationships, whatever the case may be – it’s usually setting us up for a huge payoff in the future. We just need to look at it that way and be open to receive it, rather than letting life’s downturns suck us in and destroy us. Today, I’m making two choices: to always do what’s right as my own conscience guides me – and to not let things I have no control over affect my emotions. Integrity is its own reward.

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