Looking Out My Back Window #147

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It seems to me that if we’re capable of doing just about anything we put our mind to, then we could be getting a lot more done and leading some pretty spectacular lives… we just never really put our mind to it. And there’s really nothing wrong with that, not everyone wants to be constantly working on splitting that atom or whatever it is that would be your thing. What is interesting to me is how often we ignore impulses in favor of following social norms, though. We get an idea that excites us, but it also comes with all kinds of self-doubt and if we started talking about it possibly some ridicule from others… so it just dies. Never even gets a chance at all. Have you ever had an idea like that? It can be just about anything, too – from starting a business to learning how to play the piano. Lets’s say your thing is piano. You’ve always loved the sound of pianos, admired people who can actually play them – and one day you get the idea “I should learn how to play piano”. Your heart races and at first it’s super exciting, it’s your favorite instrument, how awesome would it be to actually be able to play even the simplest of songs? How much fun would it be to just get going?… and then – the self-doubt. And the questioning. “I don’t own a piano, can’t afford to buy a piano, I could get a cheap electric piano but that’s so cheesy, when would I find the time? I don’t have the time to learn how to play the piano. I’ve never been musically inclined, either. Who would teach me? That would also cost money and take time. I should just forget about it.”… right?… you’ve had this conversation with yourself before, right? Probably not about playing piano, but for something – writing a book, getting in shape, starting a charity, changing jobs – at some point in your life you had an idea you loved that never saw the light of day because you killed it before it had a chance. Why?… because “reason” set in? “After I thought about it for a while I realized how silly it would be to take time to try that, and I’m not really sure what my friends and family would think of the idea, either – so, no. Forget it, not even going to try.” Hmmm… maybe, just maybe, there’s a gem in there that keeps coming back despite all your attempts to quash it. Our lives so often run on auto-pilot, and they do so unless and until we set a new course. Where is your current auto-pilot taking you? Are you happy? Really happy? Do you have an idea or desire inside of you that you haven’t ever allowed yourself to really put your mind to? If not now, when?… dreams die from our own indecision. Only you decide what course of action you’ll take. Make sure the auto-pilot is set for the correct destination.

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