Looking Out My Back Window #148

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Happy Mother’s Day!… I’ve written pretty extensively about mothers in the last two years of the “Looking Out My Back Window” posts – they were two of the most popular posts ever in the series. CLICK HERE to read the post from 2019, CLICK HERE for 2018.  Today I’m thinking about the things that happen to us that make us wonder if they only happen to us. Small life events that don’t really get talked about. Here’s a couple examples – yesterday I saw a meme on Facebook that referenced running out of toilet paper and having to “waddle” over to the cabinet to get more. Well, we maybe all have had to do that at some point, but it just doesn’t come up in the course of conversation, right? There are quite a few of those types of things that happen to us as we go about our daily business. Comedians can make a living pointing them out to us in a humorous way. So – last night I semi-awoke around 3:30am. I’ve been getting up between 4:30-5:00am these days. So, I was semi-awake and thinking I kind of had to go to the bathroom, but – not really bad – so half my mind said just go back to sleep and wait it out, but the other half said no way you’ll be able to sleep unless you go to the bathroom first – and I had this mini bathroom argument within my own head. One side was saying just get up and go – the other side was thinking if I do that then I’ll be awake and never get back to sleep since I know I’m so close to getting up anyway. Which was countered by the argument that if I didn’t get up I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep anyway because I had to go to the bathroom. Which made me wonder if anyone else ever has this issue. And as I was laying there trying to figure out my next move I started thinking about how the entire episode relates to decision making in life. Decisions are rarely slam dunks. They almost always have a push/pull. “I think I should do this, but if I do then this gets affected, and if that gets affected, then this will happen, but I really want to do the first thing even though I guess I could live without it, but if I live without it I’ll always wonder what could have been, etc, etc, etc”… this was my life at 3:30am today. No way anyone else goes through this, right?… I look forward to your replies. Feel free to read the last two years of Mother’s Day posts above, and have a great day today and always 🙂

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  1. To go or not to go. Didn’t some famous writer pen that a few centuries ago? Anyway, it’s my biggest decision every morning. Thanks for the laugh.

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