Looking Out My Back Window #109

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Got up early this morning and took this awesome photo. Love capturing moments like this in time. A few hours later it was gone, and the moment would have been lost forever. Last week I talked about all the self doubts I have about singing, and I found that many other people (even professional musicians) feel the same way. I have been playing music lot more lately than I have in a long time. Music still feels like “home” to me. I’m having a great time doing it. Working on a solo bass show, and some songs on acoustic guitar and vocals (thus the post from last week regarding the self doubt there). If the right band came along I’d consider playing again. The Twistin’ Egyptians double CD will be coming out soon, so maybe we’ll be able to get something going once that’s ready (TBD). I’m working on all of this less than a month from my 60th birthday. I can’t believe I’m going to be that old. I don’t feel that old at all. We can’t stop our bodies from aging, but we don’t need to let an old person move into our heads. My parents drilled it into my head for as long as I can remember, “David, don’t ever get old”. Best advice I ever got. Thoughts don’t age unless we think they do. I’m buying and selling a bunch of gear right now, honking out some farmer chords on guitar and trying to sing along a bit, playing bass for what may or may not be a solo show, and way in the back is a voice that says, “what do you think you’re doing, ya weirdo? You’re almost sixty! Sell it all and get a wheelchair”. I don’t listen to that voice, but I know plenty of people my age who have prematurely let an old person into their head. It limits you. Grandkids ask you to go down the slide at the water park, oh no – too old for that. I’m telling you, baby – I’m sliding down that water park slide as long as I can. My physical age will not define me. Every year I also consider making like a crazy commitment to health, too. I haven’t done it yet, but like – set a goal that most people my age would never be able to do, then do it. It’s exciting to think about (to me). Maybe some day I’ll do it. Not ready to pull that one off the shelf just yet. I have never just pulled a guitar out and sang even one song in front of people on my own. I’ve always been in bands or duos. Easier when you have someone else right there with you. After last weeks post I was made aware of several acoustic jams near me I could attend should I choose to do so. So… step one. Learn a few songs good enough I’d feel ok trying them in public. Step two – go to one (or all) of the acoustic jams and do it. Holy hell, that’s a scary thought. At my age, who would try such a thing? Sounds like a “water slide” challenge to me, and I always go down the water slides. Keep your mind young, don’t let age define you, try to let people rethink what’s possible as you age by the things you’re able to achieve. We don’t need to let an old person move into our heads.

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