Looking Out My Back Window #41

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Thinking a lot about the speed of life lately. I think we all kind of run things at a different rate, sort of like records used to be – 33, 45, 78rpm.. on a scale of 100, I’d say my normal rate is probably in the 78 range, but things have been moving much faster than that lately. Maybe around 90. That’s faster than I’m used to and a pace that, for me, feels unsustainable. Too fast. I’m sure there’s people who run on this pace and would be bored without it, but – everyone has their own comfort zones. And I wonder sometimes how it affects our relationships as well. Like – do people who run in the 70+ range hang together? Do they find the folks who move at a slower pace hard to be with, or comforting? Or both depending on the circumstances? All I know is, because most of my life is run at a high, demanding pace – I need times of total peace and introspection. I’m able to find time for that on a weekly basis for sure, and daily there’s time at night to kick back and relax. But I keep coming back to my meditation mantra right now of “God is calm, Love is open” when I’m in the midst of madness. I actually think there’s a way to run your life full bore – speed of 100, without stress. It has something to do with the peace that resides within you. I don’t think many people get there. And then I think about things like – what if we could run at a slower speed, yet get everything done? I guess that’s also possible, but might depend on what you have to “get done” going on in your life. I’ve pretty much always had a lot on my to-do list. I think I always will. It’s how I’m wired, it’s the pace I like. And it’s a moving target, with peaks and valleys. Looking forward to backing off the recent spike in production a bit this month with a three week sabbatical starting tomorrow to finish the book “Feed Your Angel”. Grateful to be in a position to even consider such a thing. And curious to see what thoughts I might have going forward as I try to think outside the box as well… because really, there are so many possibilities. We need to be open to every opportunity. We write, produce and direct our own life scripts. What kind of feature presentation are you producing? Fast paced, adventure? Comedy? Drama? Serious documentary? When writing a script everything is possible, in movies and in life. Think about it every now and then. Don’t we all enjoy a plot twist? So, the “looking out my back window” post comes a day early this week. Tomorrow, I have a plane to catch. In the meantime, what’s your pace? How’s the movie?

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