Looking Out My Back Window #1

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Beautiful day here in Waupun. Gotta put a lawnmower together. Work on some music stuff… party to attend later. Even though all is well here I keep thinking “we could do better”. I’d love to just wake up whenever I want, do whatever I want to do all day and have the money roll in. Wouldn’t we all?… I’m lucky that I love what I do for a living, but there’s just some days I don’t want to do it. I know I have to work out regularly to stay fit, but almost every workout I start by not wanting to do it. So, I have this weird conversation going on in my head between the “cancel everything and goof off” side and the “be responsible and get it done” side. I almost always side with the latter, but not always. So, when I get a day like today, total freedom to do whatever I want, it’s so good for me. Good for the soul. And it helps me look within to see that sometimes the idea “we can do better” isn’t always materialistic, it’s about what we share with each other, how we treat people, where our heart lies… I can certainly do better there, maybe even beginning with cutting myself a little slack. As I watch my Facebook feed I still see too much hatred and vitriol. But I also have friends who post amazing stories, and ways to spread love, live kinder, find spirituality, get fit, and connect. I “hide” the hate and focus on the love. Because what we think about expands, and we’re all better off if we focus on love.

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