Looking Out My Back Window #31

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No plant today, we’re having new carpet installed tomorrow, so we had to clear the area. Plant’s already been moved. For those of you who haven’t been following along, every weekend, usually on Sundays, I do a post while “looking out my back window”. They also get posted as blogs on my website HERE. Every 52 weeks I plan on publishing these posts as a collection in book form, so the first one will become available in July 2018. I also plan on publishing a book called “Feed Your Angel” later this year and I’m halfway through a series of talks I’m giving in Beaver Dam, WI on material to be presented in that book. In the meantime, I maintain a full time job as a financial advisor, and play bass with the Steve Trier Band. My old band the Twistin’ Egyptians will be releasing a double CD later this year as well. We have a family, we have a dog, we have many friends we like to spend time with. I have a feeling many of you, maybe most of you, can relate to having the people and things in your life pulling you in a thousand different directions, right?… so many things to do, so little time. The older you get, the more it seems like the time you have is limited, like the stuff you kept pushing off for later just keeps building and creates more demands on less time, and what happens is time moves even faster. It just blows by. Always busy. Even though you’re always busy, the list of things to do is never satisfied, cross one thing off, add two more in. And there goes January… and now it’s 2019, and… where was your time spent? With all the demands on your time, was there stress? Where did anger come into the picture? With all the stress caused by our busy lifestyles, often anger resides just below the surface. Was there anxiety? Was there worry?… was there love? Who determines how you spend your time? You do, right? But which “you”is running the show in there? Because as we go about our hectic lives filling our days with schedules and deadlines and worry and anxiety about being where we need to be and paying our bills and not forgetting anything or offending anyone… we often overlook that part of us behind the daily grind. Behind the schedules and the worry and any fears and insecurities we have. Behind it all, in the seat of our soul lies who we really are. Not that incessant chatter that we can’t turn off, but the part of us that will never dies, knows only love and has a direct connection to God. How much time did he get last month? Last year?… today? I’m writing this for myself as much as anyone, because although I know the importance of spending time in prayer and/or meditation, I don’t do it nearly enough. The more we get in touch with the part of us that resides behind the chatter, the easier it is to see what God’s will is for us and to follow that path. Our intuition gets clearer, because we’ve established a relationship with the part of us that guides from our hearts, rather than our heads. Yet so few of us do this on a regular basis. Why? Why, if this one thing that costs nothing and has so much to give us is freely available do we watch tv, surf the internet, and do other things that add little value while ignoring what should really be a main focus for us? We haven’t made it a priority. So many things in life don’t become priorities until we somehow hit a personal “bottom”. Let your weight go until you hit a new high? This can be the impetus to push you into a new, healthy lifestyle. Many people have done that. Why do we have to wait until we’re totally messed up to get the drive to make changes, though? This seems to be human nature, but it doesn’t have to be once we realize that at any time we can make any change we want by changing our thoughts about who we are, what we’re capable of, and where our priorities lie. Nothing will change unless you have the underlying drive to make it so, though. And that’s why we so often have to bottom out first. Don’t “bottom out” with God, or love today. Because what we think about expands, so the more you make God and Love priorities in your life, the more you’ll get love back in return. You’ll see it when you believe it

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