Looking Out My Back Window #91

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So I’m thinking a lot about death and dying these days, and how – knowing none of us will get out alive… how should we live? I think aging makes serious thought about death, it’s effect on the people you leave behind, and how you would like to be remembered more of a mental focus because – well, you start seeing more people at or near your age die. And you start to really realize, even though you knew it all along – you might be next. Tomorrow truly is guaranteed to no-one. So where are you spending your present moments? If you epitaph was a synopsis of the last five years of your life, what would it say? “He worked a lot, made some money, then he died”?… “She goofed off as much as possible, tried to scam her way through life by ripping people off, she drank too much, and then she died”?… or would it say “He lit up the room the moment he entered it, had an energy that lifted everyone else up, loved what he did, and was always available to help others in need”?… I don’t know. Sometimes I think you could live a life that at some point could encompass all three scenarios I just wrote. But to me, as is so often the case when I think deeply about what is truly important in life – it’s love. Finding ways to feel love, and be happy. Finding ways to spread that love to others. And being so centered within that love that nothing anyone else does can pull you out of it. Finding ways to feel love in our present moments isn’t always so easy, though. We have to deal with other people every day in our work, family, and daily environments no matter what they are. Even in a job you love, you won’t feel the love every day. Family members, loved ones and co-workers won’t always be easy to deal with. And you’ll have days where you wonder why you’re here at all, and what (if anything) is the point? I don’t think there’s many people who sail through life without knowing those feelings. Priorities. We get so set in our ways that we cease to examine our ways. Are we really spending time in the way we want to with the people we want to? If not, why have we never considered changing? We either never seriously examined it, or the fear of making a change holds us back. Either way, it’s easy to trudge through life never living what was truly in your heart, never considering a possibility that might have been “out of the norm”, because – well, fear… Living in fear is not a great life strategy. Try moving away from the fear and into love by examining what is really important to you and living from there.

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