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Well, I’m irritated. And the fact that I’m irritated irritates me. Which is irritating. First off: I spilled an entire cup of coffee on the carpet yesterday. Kinda light cream colored carpet, and I cleaned I‎t up like a guy cleans stuff up (poorly) so now there’s a HUGE stain sitting next to me as I write. That’s irritating. Then, there’s all these other little sub-issues going on. We have the mound system installed and our laundry room smells funny. Why? Who the heck knows why? Maybe the plumber who installed I‎t, but just TRY to get a plumber to call you back on a weekend. Paid a shitload for that thing and all I ask is to get I‎t done with no issues, and we gotta deal with this. That’s irritating. Went to store the Challenger yesterday, prepaid for the storage unit from Nov 1-Mar 31, get there and the unit is full of crap yet from the last tenant. The owner knew about this and didn’t handle I‎t. And, of course, can’t get ahold of anyone on the weekend. That’s irritating. There’s a few other things, but you get the point. I’m irritated. Then – I’m irritated that I’m irritated! What the heck is that? “Irritational irritation”? – I’m old enough now to know, though – that pretty much everything happens for a reason that serves us if we look for it. The carpet… well, we got an estimate to replace I‎t in 2015 and I didn’t do I‎t back then. So… two years ago we were thinking it was bad. Maybe it’s time to move on there and this was the push I needed. I’m not sure how the mound system will turn into something that benefits us… and that’s the thing with life. Sometimes I‎t takes years to develop. And you go back and look at how things unfolded and you say, “wow, we never would have found that box with $500,000 cash in it in our back yard if we hadn’t had the problem with our mound system” – and the storage unit thing could also shake out many different ways. Maybe we find an awesome storage unit for the future that I wouldn’t even have looked for if I didn’t have a problem this year. I don’t want to put anger and irritation into my subconscious mind. I’m way too quick to anger for my own liking. The more irritations creep in, the closer anger gets to the surface, unless we take some time to center ourselves, let love in, and realize the most important thing is that we learn to enjoy whatever happens as much as we can. Life’s to short to live irritated. I’m going to go meditate now before the game, and I’m really hoping the Packers won’t add another source of irritation with their play today

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